A pathology that can be treated with nutrition

Your midterm essay will be about a pathology that can be treated with nutrition. Here are a few examples of pathology that can be treated with nutrition- Celiac Disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome Scurvy Diabetes Some Cancers Kidney Disease Autism Attention Deficit Disorder Obesity Rickets Biotin Deficiency Paresthesia Night Blindness Cystic Fibrosis Pick something that interests you, it doesn’t have to be on this list. Something you or a family member have, this will help you and your family with valuable information for your life and not just make this another school assignment. You can pick on specific nutrient like a vitamin, mineral, enzyme, water or macronutrient. As you dive into the essay you may find that there is more than one nutrient that will help the pathology. Some times broader terms are used for anti-inflammatory diets or sodium free diets, etc. You can suggest a general diet like that but you also need to find out what about that diet makes it designed specifically for that pathology. For example, If YOU choose the pathology of Vitamin K deficiency, talk about the signs and symptoms of the disorder, who gets the disorder typically, why the get the disorder, other disorders or pathology that they are prone to, if you would like you can also include medical treatments- side effects of those treatment, success rates and possible medications, what foods should be eaten and avoided, what types of supplement options there are, other treatments besides nutrition that can affect their immune system (most vitamin K deficiency people do not have strong gut bacteria). Then I would come up with a 1-day suggest meal plan. This should be a balance meal plan with foods that are high in bacteria and vitamin K (for this example). The rubric is down loaded on D2L, this should be at least 3 pages long. Double spaced with 1-inch margins in a 12 font. The paper is due Monday March 5th and can be turned in via drop box. Rubrics Objective/Criteria Does not meet expectations Meets some expectations Meets all expectations/exceptional Organization, grammar and layout of presentation (0 points) Considerable difficulty expressing ideas or descriptions clearly. Multiple spelling and/or grammar errors (5 or more). Response is difficult to follow and writing rambles. Lack of professional presentation. (5 points) Clear organized presentation with some digression, ambiguities, incomplete thoughts or responses. The layout shows some structure, but appears cluttered and distracting. 1-4 spelling and/or grammar errors. (10 points) Organized, professional presentation with clear ability to express thoughts and points of view. Vocabulary is used correctly demonstrating advanced use of language and grammar. No spelling, grammar, or syntax errors.

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