Advocacy is described as helping others to grow, providing informed

Advocacy is described as helping others to grow, providing informed consent and alternative options, and speaking up for a patient when they cannot speak up for themselves (Marquis & Huston, 2021). Patient advocacy is also described as safeguarding and championing social justice for patients (Abbasinia et al., 2020). On our inpatient/covid unit, covid patients were not permitted to have any visitors. At times, one visitor per non-covid patients was allowed but it was mandated that it be the same visitor throughout the entire stay. My covid patient was about to get intubated and had been with use for 4 weeks under covid precautions (this in itself was a fight to get her off of covid precautions). I had a gut feeling that she was not going to come off of the ventilator and wanted her to be able to say goodbye. I had called all of her 4 children and the 4th one answered the phone and happened to be at the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. Without approval, I made the decision to tell her to come to the floor to be able to talk to her mother before she was intubated because I did not want to take a chance at hearing “no” as an answer. After my supervisor came back from a meeting, she noticed the patient’s daughter leaving the floor and I explained why I made that decision. I also discussed with my hospitalist that I had called the daughter and he offered to put in an order for a visitor if needed. She ended up supporting my decision and I knew that she would have advocated for me if there was an issue stemming from her supervisors. My patient ended up passing away a week later at the higher acuity facility and I will never regret that decision to allow one of her family members to get that last hug. 

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