As a precursor to the assignment you will submit in

 As a precursor to the assignment you will submit in Unit 10, you will address cultural dimensions as seen in your learning activity and the reading on pages 163–165 from Chapter 5 (Hofstede’s framework and the GLOBE framework). Review these and do some research on the Internet. Then address topic 2:
For a fictitious company that has manufacturing facilities in the United States and one other country of your choice (for instance, Brazil, South Africa, or India), select two of the five value dimensions from Hofstede’s framework (from pages 163–165 in Chapter 5), and compare/contrast these dimensions with how the United States facility would be run versus the one you have selected, based on these work-related values.
In this assignment, you will be examining Hofstede’s Cultural Values for the US and a country of your choice. Select two of Hofstede’s Cultural Values and compare and contrast those values for the US and the other country. Then based on these two values discuss how their facilities would be structured and run. So, you should make sure to:
Compare and contrast the US and a country of your choice on two of Hofstede’s Cultural Values.
Discuss how this would impact employees personally
Discuss how this would impact how to manage a manufacturing facility in the other country and one in the US. 

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