Checks and Balances,Separation of Powers of Article I, II, and III of

The essay topic is Checks and Balances,Separation of Powers of Article I, II, and III of the US Constitution. The essay should be well written, thorough, spell checked and proper grammar. No citation is necessary. The essay should be double spaced and a minimum of four pages.

– Article 1 / US Congress, – Legislative branch = make law – sets out enumerated (listed) powers. – passes Laws to regulate commerce – Commerce cause limited by supreme court – Taxation – ability to spend money – Declaration of War – has power to check judicial review – has power to impeach president – has power to override presidential veto – power to impeach by majority conviction

– Article 2 / Executive – President – US didn’t want a monarch because it has too much power – To not have Monarch (like Saudi Arabia), US separated powers. – President has Enumerated powers and Implicit powers – Enumerated powers include – Commander in Chief (to take power away from the military) civilian control of the military – Abilities to make treaties (foreign) – Head of state (foreign) – The President has the power to pardon only people in federal institutions – Power of appointment of offices – Right to Veto a bill ( if vetoed it takes 2/3rds congress votes to override presidential veto) – president has the ability to regulate businesses through administrative law by appointing administrative offices


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