Considerations of Demand

For this critical thinking assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation. Choose three different cities within Saudi Arabia. Choose a city of a large, medium and small population. Research the population census (age, gender, etc.) and income statistics of each city. Next, investigate the health status statistics of the city’s population (% of chronic disease) and provide data on the available healthcare services/settings in each city. Analyze and interpret your findings on the impact of income, health outcomes, and distribution of healthcare services. Your submission should meet the following structural requirements: • Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes all elements detailed above (professional design). • Include 2 slides per city, 6 slides for all three. The total is 8 minimum slides (with the title and reference slides). • Include detailed presentation notes for each slide. • Include title and reference slides with your presentation. • Include 4 – 5 academic and/or government sources to support your analysis and discussion. • Use available tables or figures to support and present your data findings. • Use APA writing standards; be sure to cite any statistics or other information, as appropriate.

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