Environmental Lawmaking: International Agreements

 Textbook Read Chapter 6, Section I: Introduction: The Changing Nature of International Law, pages 268-270 Skip the following: Philip Allott, The Health of Nations, pages 270-280; Questions 1-3, pages 280-282 Read Chapter 6, Section I: Introduction, Questions 4-6 pages 282-284; skip questions 7-8. Read Chapter 6, Section II: Traditional Sources of Law, pages 285-288 Skip Oran Young, pages 288-292 Read pages 292-293, up to the Richard Benedick excerpt. Skip that excerpt. Read pages 296-306, starting with the Questions and Discussion on 296 and up to but not including Questions and Discussion on page 306. For this portion of the reading, I want you to be aware that there are several steps to the treaty-making process and to understand Ratification and Entry into Force. Section II.B. Custom, pages 309-311, stop at 1. Proving Custom on page 311 Section III. Building Consensus, pages 359-361 (up to Questions and Discussions on page 361). Read about soft law (first four paragraphs and the table; stop at the case studies) https://carnegieendowment.org/1999/11/22/commitment-and-compliance-what-role-for-international-soft-law-event-47 Read about the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol http://ozone.unep.org/news/kigali-amendment Assignment: The readings mentions the Montreal Protocol several times and you read a short piece about the Kigali Amendment. Research the Kigali Amendment, the negotiations, how and why it was adopted, etc. and write 1 or 2 pages about one or more of the steps in the process: 1. Identification of Needs & Goals 2. Negotiation 3. Adoption & Authentication 4. Ratification & Accession 5. Limited Consent & Reservations 6. Entry into Force 7. Renunciation & Withdrawal 8. Amendment & Modification

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