Find a course that you attended recently enough to: a have the course materials and b remember the flow of

Find a course that you attended recently enough to: (a) have the course materials and (b) remember the flow of the course and its timing. ( I WILL SEND A LIST OF COURSES THAT I HAVE ALREADY TAKEN FOR YOU TO CHOOSE ONE)
Use the design template provided (in Module 1) for this courses special project. Recreate the course design of your chosen course showing the key learning elements along with a minimal amount of content. The content should only be enough to guide you or an experienced instructor through teaching the course and should not go as deep as a step-by-step what-to-say or do-next level of detail. Focus your attention on design elements used by instructors and/or students. Write a one-page review of the course and attach your design document using APA format.
Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations to support your ideas.

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