First, review this information: A summary relates the key points


First, review this information:

A summary relates the key points of an article as presented by the article’s author.  In writing a summary, especially with material that sparks interest, there is sometimes a temptation to criticize or state opinions about what we have read.  This temptation must be avoided.  Remember, you are summing up what the author says: only what the author says.  Summary does not open the door to telling your readers what you think of what he or she says.

Paraphrasing is a significant rewording of the original.  We often think that we should only paraphrase when our audience will better grasp the meaning and/or relevance of a passage if it is worded differently from the original. Sometimes this is true, often because the original is very technical or the audience is unfamiliar with the topic.  Keep in mind, however, that paraphrasing should be the primary way we employ material from other sources.  Direct quotation should be used sparingly and only when paraphrasing would be ineffective at conveying the meaning of the passage or would cause a loss of impact.

Week 5 – Find three online articles on a topic of interest to you that you can share with your classmates. Post a link along with a brief description for each article, to include why it is of particular interest to you. Write your initial 300+ word response and add your links.

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