Fiscal Year Jan 1 2019 to Dec 31 2019 Link to 10k https:www.sec.govArchivesedgardata14272000001427220000082bmy20191231x10xk.htm Page 58 Data in Millions 1. When

Fiscal Year Jan 1, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019
Link to 10k
Page 58, Data in Millions
1. When is it permissible to violate generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)? Hint see book.
2. Visit the company’s website and discover how many board members does your firm have.
3. What is the name of the Chief Executive Officer?
4. List the name of the person responsible for the finances of the organization and their educational achievements. (i.e. Chief Financial Officer, V.P. Finance, Controller, Treasure, MBA, BA, etc)
5. What is the firm’s current stock price? List only one day and use the following link (
6. List the inventory reported in the balance sheet for the last two years? What does this amount represent?
7. Search below the financial statements for inventory/merchandise. Does the firm use LIFO, FIFO, or something else?
8. Search below the financial statements for property, plant, and equipment. What method of depreciation does the firm use?
9. How many people are employed in the organization?
10. How much did your firm earn in sales/revenue for the last two years?
11. What proportion of its sales/revenue are made abroad?
12. How much did your firm incur in cost of goods sold for the last two years (aka cost of sales, cost of products, cost of merchandise sold, cost of revenue)?
13. What was the net income for the last two years?
14. What is the name of auditing firm?
15. List five products that the organization sells and the current price of each product (If necessary, use a search engine to identify how much they currently cost).
16. Summarize the director material, director labor, and factor of overhead needed to make the items described above. If this information is not found in the 10k use accounts listed in the textbook and your experience with the products/services.
17. Summarize any legal proceedings.
18. Review the company’s credit ratings. If the credit rating is not listed, use a search engine to identify it.
19. Review appendix 1 or 7 and identify four of the most significant risks that your firm believes it will encounter.
20. Find the note on taxes and list how much the firm has paid in income taxes (domestically and abroad) over the last three years.
21. What are the earnings per share for the most recent year?
22. List the companies adverting costs. This may be found on Note 5.
23. Describe the difference between six sigma and three sigma certificates. What percentage of products have no defects under six sigma and three sigma. (Email instructor)
24. Identify the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT). Select 4-5 topics under each category.

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