For the final presentation, you will create a 10- to

For the final presentation, you will create a 10- to 12-slide presentation analyzing a real-world scenario when change was needed in an organization. Change refers to the act of replacing something or making it different. Change in organizations is often related to improvement of organizational processes or accepted behaviors. Your choice of scenario could be from an organization that you have worked in previously or from a high-profile organization you have heard about in the news.

In addition to designing slides, you must also include slide notes (also called Speaker Notes). For each slide, your Speaker Notes should contain a minimum of 100 words describing and expanding on the content. For help with your slide notes, review this guide: Add Speaker Notes to Your Slides (Links to an external site.).

Once you have created your presentation, you will need to save it as a PDF file with your Speaker Notes visible and submit it to Waypoint.

Prior to beginning work on this presentation,

  • Read the required sections of Chapter 11 of Leadership: Theory and Practice.
  • Read Chapters 6, 7, 9, and 12 of An Introduction to Leadership.
    • Especially focus on Section 12.2, which explains Kotter’s model of organizational change.
  • Find three scholarly, peer-reviewed, or credible sources about your chosen scenario, leader, or organization.
  • Consider reviewing the Writing Center’s guide on How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation (Links to an external site.).


In your 10- to 12-slide presentation,

  • Provide a high-level description of the organization you are analyzing.
    • What organization are you analyzing?
    • Who are the leaders involved and what are their roles?
    • What is the challenge or change needed with this organization?
  • Identify one leader within the organization to analyze.
    • Who is the leader you chose?
    • What is their position and background?
  • Describe one to two behaviors used by that leader to initiate or manage the change.
  • Analyze their leadership approach using Kotter’s model of organizational change.
    • Look at the eight steps of Kotter’s model, and discuss any steps that are pertinent to your organization. You do not need to address all eight steps, but please address at least two to three.
  • Analyze how that leader influenced the organization’s vision, mission, and strategy.
  • Evaluate the leadership styles used by your leader and whether they were effective.

Remember: Add at least 100 words of explanation to the Speaker Notes section of each slide.


The Leading Strategy and Change Presentation

Submission Instructions

Submit your PowerPoint to Waypoint as a PDF document with the Speaker Notes visible. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Select the Print option

  • Change the Printer option to your PDF reader (e.g., Adobe PDF)

  • Change the Full Page Slides option to the Notes Pages option. The preview of your presentation on the right should change to show your Speaker Notes

  • Make sure you save it as a *.PDF file and submit it to Waypoint

Try to use citations, specific examples, and more analysis to your posts.


In Week 5, work on beefing up your responses to classmates, Barbara, for a higher score. Try to use citations, specific examples, and more analysis to your posts.

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