For this week’s discussion topic, I chose the ‘Condition Monitoring


For  this week’s discussion topic, I chose the ‘Condition Monitoring for  Industrial Manufacturing’. I currently work at a chemical facility that  makes specialty plastics for a variety of consumer applications. My role  is to inspect the fixed equipment and piping, and condition monitoring  is a big part of my day-to-day tasks. However, I do not deal with  rotating equipment, and the solution was all about it. I can see  it being used in our manufacturing section of the plant (non-pressure  systems) where we typically have product flow, internal breakage and  other types of issues that would benefit from remote monitoring.  Reaction time to these problems can be reduced from hours or days to a  much shorter time based instead of product flow percentage loss or some  similar metric. 

Increase Manufacturing Uptime With Asset Health Monitoring. (n.d.). NI Solutions.

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