The video is on Managing CrossCultural Remote teams. With the pandemic many have found themselves conducting their
The video is on Managing Cross-Cultural Remote teams.
With the pandemic many have found themselves conducting their daily jobs virtually.
After watching the video think about how you can relate what is discussed to how your organizations culture (or an organizations culture in general) impacts your ability to manage a team remotely or virtually.
Take what you have discovered and complete the following:
For this writing assignment you will look back across the entire course to help address the following topics. Analyze and discuss each of the following (Competencies #3, #7, #15, #16, & #17):
You can use your own organization to answer the following questions or if you do not have an organization to use you can answer more generally, but the preference is for direct application to an organization.
How does corporate culture impact organizational communication, virtually and in-person?
What role does organizational culture play in the decision-making process in both crises (COVID-19, etc.0 and daily organizational life?
What is the connection between culture and virtual workplace behavior?
Why is it important to evaluate the relationship between business situations and an organization’s culture?

Discuss how your organizations culture supports, hinders, etc. the ability to conduct teamwork assignments or virtual work (if you do not have team assignments).
What cultural changes can be made to better support remote or virtual cross-cultural team dynamics?
* A minimum of four references are required. (Your textbook plus three more.)
** Typical paper length: 6 – 8 pages

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