Marketing Insight

 This assignment requires you to analyse data that has been collected from a questionnaire using SPSS software. This assignment is designed to address learning outcomes 3. Design quantitative and qualitative research instruments to address a research problem, and apply data analysis techniques to find valid insights. 4. Conduct a marketing research project and critically analyse the findings, and recommend solutions. The recommended structure of the report is -Title -Executive summary (300 words) -Introduction, including statement of aims/objectives (200-300 words) -Data analysis, descriptive statistics on behaviour (600-800 words) -Data analysis, differences by groups (600-800 words) -Evaluation of survey (200-300 words) -Use of qualitative research (300-500 words) -Use of observation (300-500 words) -Marketing implications / Recommendations (500-700 words) -Conclusions (200-300 words) -Limitations and further research (200-300 words) -References -Reflective article (500 words)

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