Module 6: Discussion Forum Creating an engaged workforce while considering todays changing work environment can be a challenging

Module 6: Discussion Forum
Creating an engaged workforce, while considering todays changing work environment, can be a challenging task for HR professionals. In the past, organizations have been transactional. Today, many organizations believe it is necessary to engage employees while also continuously scanning the environment for organizational impacts.
Organizations need to remain relevant. Leaders must visualize organizational strategies and how to ensure organizational success, while involving employees in change processes. Motorola is a company that was founded in 1929. During its inception, Motorola manufactured home radios, though things have changed throughout the years:
1937 – Phonographs
1963 – Cabinet/furniture style console stereo sets
1964 – Motorola televisions
1964 – 8-track tape players for automobiles
1973 – Electronic organ
1984 – DynaTAC vehicular cellular telephone
1993 – Digital paging systems
1994 – Introduced iDen digital radio
2000 – Worlds first GPRS cellular phone
Every few years there was a new technology and strategy created by Motorola. For this discussion, describe how employee engagement can impact the changing business environment. Explain how employees can lead change.
Answer the above using the question and answer (Q&A) format.
The Q&A format should include the original question along with your response. Within your post, support your responses with information from at least one peer-reviewed/scholarly source (not older than 3-5 years) from
CSU Global online library or the Internet, and provide the full citation at the end of your post. Use APA guidelines (at the CSU Global Writing Center )
to format your references. Your total word count must be at least 300 words excluding the original questions.

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