My approved idea: Have you ever tried cheesy baked mussels at restaurants and wondered how they make it Cheesy baked

My approved idea:
Have you ever tried cheesy baked mussels at restaurants and wondered how they make it?
Cheesy baked mussels dish is a juicy and tasty seafood appetizer and of course, you can easily make it at home without any cooking experience.
I always use frozen mussels so I highly recommend using frozen mussels instead of fresh mussels since frozen mussels already come in half-shells, ready to use after thawing, and easy to find at any supermarket. The rest of the ingredients; mayonnaise, Cheddar cheese, oyster sauce, lime juice, and green onion; might be available in your kitchen or you can easily buy it. We also need to have an oven, any size, or an air fryer to bake.
1. Write your completed directions.
Your directions must be written step-by-step directions. You cannot use images or diagrams, or direct people to other sets of directions. You must describe everything the reader needs to make sense of the task.
The directions should be between 1-3 pages in length, but you are not graded on length.
Use spacing and layout to help the reader. Do not just make a numbered list in Microsoft Word. Add titles and subtitles, group related steps, etc.
You will be graded on the quality of your directions. They should be clear, logical, and grammatical.
Notes on this assignment:
Do not plagiarize. The point of this assignment is for you to practice breaking a task into step-by-step components. Copying from another guide (either structure or phrases) is cheating, so dont do it or youll get a 0 and be reported to the academic integrity office.
Recipes are a good example of these kinds of directions, as are how-to manuals. Examples: Google Earth,
(Links to an external site.) Adobe Photoshop CC
(Links to an external site.)
Bad directions merely give the correct way to do the task. Good directions help the users understand the task better and be able to make better choices. For example, bad directions simply give some options without explaining why one might choose them, or tell the user what to do without explaining why they need to do things in that way. Another way to say this is that bad directions merely help a user do a task, good directions help them understand a task.

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