my species is sea anemones Summary of your focused topic Using the results of your Google Scholar search write

my species is (sea anemones)
Summary of your focused topic
Using the results of your Google Scholar search, write a 250 word summary of your focused topic about your species. It may be helpful to pick the best three papers you found, and write a few notes about what was relevant for each, and then sit down to write your 250 word summary using these notes.
This summary must include a reference for each sentence, citing at least
three scientific papers that you found using Google Scholar. At the end of your summary be sure to
include a list of all of the references you cited in the text
(in other words, a bibliography) that allows me to link the in-text references to this list.
Figure for your focused topic
In addition, include
at least one figure from one of the scientific papers that illustrates your focused topic. For example, a figure illustrating mass gain depending on different foraging strategies used by different individuals, or a map of predicted habitat based on oceanographic habitat.
This is a figure that comes directly from one of your sources, NOT one you make yourself.
You can feel free to just take a screen shot of the figure and insert that below your summary but
be sure to include a caption and reference (where it came from) for your figure.
What you will submit:
So in summary, for this assignment you will submit:
A referenced, 250-word summary of your focused topic that includes references from 3 scientific papers
A figure from one of the papers that includes a caption and a reference
A reference list or bibliography that includes references in the text and for your figure.
If it is helpful to you to see an example of what this summary looks like, please see the attached Word document.

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