Next in Connect complete the SelfAssessment: Group and Team Role Preference Scale. In your discussion post answer the questions on

Next, in Connect complete the Self-Assessment: Group and Team Role Preference Scale. In your discussion post, answer the questions on p. 302 in a video post.
Please reply to this main post as your initial post in the forum.
You are required to reply to at least two other students in this forum on multiple days for credit. The replies do not need to be in video format. Your initial post is due on
Wednesday, replies to others due on Friday, and replies to questions or comments to you by Sunday.
Using a phone, tablet, or laptop, record your presentation and save it to a computer. To embed upload once you have your video file, click reply to begin your post and choose the icon labeled Record/Upload Media. Do not choose Insert Media.
Posts and replies should be complete thoughts, add value, and be written using College English.
They should also contain examples and/or reference to the text/lecture where appropriate.
Be sure to check back regularly and answer any questions posed to you.
See the course syllabus for the quantity requirements and for more details.

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