NSTRUCTIONS: Use word processing program to create a wellstructured 500750 word essay that answersONEof the following questions. Use theSUBMIT

Use word processing program to create a well-structured 500-750 word essay that answers
of the following questions.
Use the
link to open the response window. Attach your response as a word processing document.
Read each question carefully. State your general points first in an introductory paragraph then, in subsequent paragraphs, support each general point with specific historical facts and illustrative examples. Incorporate materials from the textbook, the documents, the assigned videos and other assigned materials in your answer.
What were the primary causes and consequences of the French Revolution? What were the original goals of the Revolution? How and why did these goals change? Why did the Revolution turn violent?
What were the primary causes and consequences of the Industrial Revolution? How did industrialization affect the economic, social and political development of Western Civilization from 1750-1900?
How did Nationalism shape the development of Western Civilization from 1815 to 1900? Provide specific examples.
Note on the Essay Exams:
This is a take-home exam. You will have your text book, your readings, and your online class resources available to you as you write your essays. Use them. You need to supply specific details and evidence in support of your essays. By specific I mean specific names, events, locations, dates, as well as detailed explanations.
Please do not consult any outside sources while preparing your essays; the assigned class materials will provide you with all you need to answer these questions.
You may go over the word limit on the essays if you need more space to explain your answers. Not by too much, but having to read an extra 100-200 words wont hurt me.
Think about your answer before your start writing. Prepare a simple outline. Make a list of the events, people, ideas, and documents you want to discuss, and make sure your final essay touches on all of them.
The documents are an excellent source for specific details. If you use them, be sure to mention them by name. You dont need a formal citation when you reference the text book or a document, this is an analytic essay, not a research paper.

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