Once you have developed your vision whether for a group you are leading or creating a vision for your education

Once you have developed your vision, whether for a group you are leading or creating a vision for your education, it is equally important for you to be able to articulate your vision to others. If you are
working with others, sharing the
values of the vision helps them find their own work toward the vision worthwhile.
When the time comes to communicate the vision you should use words and symbols that are motivating and mean something to the group. Selecting words
and phrases that are affirming, uplifting, and hopeful, and describe the vision that help others understand its importance. Leaders often use symbols as a way
to articulate a vision and help others connect to the vision. To help others make the connection leaders often use terms such as we and our so others feel a part of the vision and process.
Once you have developed and articulated your vision, the last step is to implement your vision. A leader should be seen consistently acting out the vision. To help others act in a way to support the vision, a leader must clearly communicate the performance expectations for others, so they know how to fully support the vision and their team. In addition to acting out the vision and helping others know how to do the same, the leader has to monitor the efforts towards achieving the vision and share that with others so the team knows where they are on the
path towards the vision and how they are doing in their performance. One of the most important components is to share in the work.
Leaders must share the work, be seen sharing in the work, and collaborate with others to accomplish the goal.
For this assignment you will review your
score on the Leadership Vision Questionnaire and share your ability to create a vision for a group. Then review the key points in the resources to identify specific ways you could improve your abilities to create and carry out visions with others.
Download the template you should use to complete this assignment here:

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