Project Program Descriptions Throughout this course, you will work toward


Project Program Descriptions 

  1. Throughout this course, you will work toward developing a program evaluation plan proposal. Each assignment will focus on an aspect of this final project.

    Identify a program offered within an organization or institution that may benefit from a structured, formal program evaluation process. 

    Create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes in which you:

    • Describe the program.
    • Describe the background and history of the program.
    • Explain the purpose of the program.
    • Discuss the program’s mission (i.e., Why was the program developed?).
    • Discuss the program’s vision statement (i.e., What problem does the program seek to address?).
    • Describe the program’s size, location, and organizational structure.
    • Explain the current evaluation needs of the program.

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