Research paper should be 12 pages double spaced long exclusive of the title page reference and any appendixes if use.

Research paper should be 12 pages double spaced long, exclusive of the title page, reference
and any appendixes if use. final research paper must be in APA format.
Make sure all references are cited.
The paper will include:
A title/covering page
An introduction or description of the topic/issue
*A brief literature review
Discussion of topic in view of the literature reviewed – the main body of the paper
* A brief literature review is that section of your paper where you briefly explain how each of your chosen resources contributed to the development of your research paper.
Generally, the breakdown on length of a research paper is as follows, ?¼ introduction, ?¼ literature review, ?½ discussion, and ?¼ conclusion.
Do not discuss something in your conclusion you have not previously discussed in the discussion section.
You, the researcher, are encouraged to construct the topics as you see fit.
The desired learning outcomes are for you to gain knowledge in the particular area or subset of the area and be able to bring that knowledge to bear, if required, on the PBL of this course. The emphasis should be on analysis and not regurgitation.
However, as future MBA graduates and business professionals, you must write with clarity, using correct grammatical construction, and with strict adherence to the prescribed format, in this case APA.
The paper will be evaluated (graded) based on structure as outlines by the university librarian, the proper use of syntax, semantics, style, compliance with APA format, content development, your personal sufficient and reasoned engagement of research, and originality of conclusion.
Tutorial 1 – How to articulate a research question
Tutorial 2 – How to find relevant sources for your research question
Tutorial 3 – How to write a research paper

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