Section 4: ResultsFindings Present the data in a nonevaluative unbiased and organized manner. Descriptive Qualitative Data:are organized by research questions

Section 4: Results/Findings
Present the data in a non-evaluative, unbiased, and organized manner.
Descriptive Qualitative Data:
are organized by research questions, themes, participants, and/or research questions. Findings are presented by research questions using the section titles. They are presented in order of significance if appropriate.
Descriptive Quantitative Data
discuss quantity in relation to the sample (Population) size. Discuss quality in relation to sampling method, data collection process, and data. Variables should be reported and discussed.
The results of each statistical test are presented in an appropriate statistical format with tables, graphs, charts.
Meta-Analysis data
are organized in the form of a chart or graph, or table as well. It includes the results of each research paper that has been used by the student.
The researcher connects results to the research question
Analyze, interpret, or evaluate results.
Explain the relevance of the findings.
Relate results to hypothesis and previous research.
Describe any ethical considerations relevant to the research
Discuss the possible explanations of results.
Limitations and Implications
•specify limitations of the study and how they influenced the results
•indicate impact of funding over obtained results
•provide implications for the field of study
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