STEP 1 Take the cultural selfassessment on the GlobeSmart website. It will ask you a series of questions and then

STEP 1 -Take the cultural self-assessment on the GlobeSmart website. It will ask you a series of questions and then tell you where you stand on five major dimensions of culture. Ill post some information about interpreting your results and you can explore the website as well. You can see where the US and other significant cultures (including most of yours) are on these dimensions as well as where you stand. I think you’ll find is quite interesting.
Do your Cultural Self-Assessment at
(Links to an external site.)
STEP 2 – (For Friday) Post either a screen shot of your results or a description of where you fall on the five dimensions (more indirect; 2/3 of the way across). Discuss how your results compare with your native country and how accurate you think it is. Also write about any instances you have seen at work where culture has created conflict or opportunity. Or international mergers where culture has been problem (not necessarily anything youve been personally involved in).
Have some fun with it; compare your profile to your GLO-BUS teammates or other classmates and share stories about working across cultures. Or comment on things that GlobeSmart says about your home country, or the US.
Student 1:
After comparing the analysis of the five situations, I found that the results of the first analysis are the most prominent. It shows that I am typically interdependent, and the remaining four results are as follows Im moderately egalitarian, moderately egalitarian, in the middle between risk and certainty, in the middle between direct and indirect, moderately relationship oriented. Those who are interdependent tend to place great importance on group harmony and cooperation; drive identity from group affiliation; feel a sense of duty, obligation, and loyalty to ascribed groups. Im very satisfied with this result, because in daily life, in work or in group study, I have not played the role of a leader. Once I compared the result with Chinese culture, I found that my first result of independence is almost similar with Chinese culture result. I am not surprised by this result, due to Chinese tradition and family education, I need to obey the family and the country, which is probably the main reason for my conformity. At the same time, I also found that my country and I are at a moderate level in risk-taking, which is often reflected in our daily study and life. In class, when faced with very challenging questions, it is usually rare for China to raise their hands to answer questions. However, many American students try to solve difficult questions. I think this is caused by cultural differences.
Student 2:
The cultural self-assessment results show that “you enjoy working as part of a group. Youre flexible about roles and titles, and willing to challenge your superiors if you feel it is necessary. You tend to be thorough, paying close attention to details. You can be subtle in expressing ideas. You make sure things get done in a timely manner”. Based on my results compared to my native country, the interdependent dimensions are same as where you stand while others fall in quite different position. Because of my introverted personality, I think that I encounter lack of social ability. Thus, I often spend more time working on my own works instead of getting know with each other. When working as a group, I spend more time listen to other opinions instead of expressing my own thoughts. In China, the culture is that most people think being interdependent and having a good relationship with others at work is essentially important. I also think that it is true especially working as a group. Only when we are familiar with other, we will trust each other and understand everyone’s strength and weakness, we could complete the tasks together successfully. Moreover, it is also very important to put forward different opinions at work. Even if there may be conflicts with them, this may become an opportunity for you, because the process of arguing allows us to collect more interesting ideas, which helps to complete the work better. The superiors will notice you only when you express yourself bravely.

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