Topicinstructions:Write a short journal essay of 400 500 words that treats both a and b below.This journal is due by

Write a short journal essay of 400 – 500 words that treats both (a) and (b) below.
This journal is due by no later than 11:30 pm on Saturday, 10/31.
You can organize your writing on (a) and (b) as you like.
But to write a good journal piece, my recommendation is that you treat both (a) and (b) substantially, so that you have a balanced journal.
Also, even though this a short journal assignment, paragraphing can be helpful for organizing your thoughts and making transitions, and I recommend that you think about writing your journal in 2-3 paragraphs, rather than just one long paragraph.
Discuss the role that the evil demon hypothesis plays in
Meditation I of Descartess
Meditations on First Philosophy.
Consider Med. I as Descartess starting point in the Meditations.

Does Med. I present a sound and viable way to start philosophy, or is it not viable as a way to start philosophy?
Be sure to explain your position!
Making references:
If you make a specific
reference to the Descartes reading, then just make an in-text, parenthetical page reference, such as: (Melchert
& Morrow, 152).

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