Watch The Murder of Emmett Till using the link provided

Watch The Murder of Emmett Till using the link provided in module:

Afterward, answer the following analysis questions. Use the textbook or film as evidence for your assertions. 

1. Lynching were not restricted to the South, but also happened throughout the Midwest. What could have been the purpose of this style of public execution that usually involved torture or mutilation of a body before hanging? 

2. While most people learn of the Montgomery (Alabama) Bus Boycott in December, 1955 as the start of the Civil Rights Movement, Emmett Till was murdered in Mississippi in August, 1955 and his murderers were acquitted in September, 1955. What role do you think the murder of this teenager and the public trial, then the murderer’s stories in Look magazine played in starting the fight for Civil Rights? 

3. Why do you think Mamie Till or the U.S. Justice Department did not file a federal civil suit after Emmett Till’s  murderers sold their story for $4,000? 

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