You applied some excel analytic tools in Module 3. The

You applied some excel analytic tools in Module 3. The data was provided as were the solutions and some discussion about those results. This provided you the opportunity to apply and practice using the tools and techniques. For your Module 4 Data Assignment, obtain your own data, and replicate one of the analyses you performed in Module 3. This will depend upon what type of data you obtain. That is part of quantitative methods; you have to make sure the tools you use are the correct tools

Data could come from online sources. Perhaps, you have some data from a work project in which you want to use or have a topic you are interested in and can obtain some data to perform the appropriate analysis.

In this assignment, you will also need to write a short paper on your data analysis. Provide a brief description of the phenomena the data is generated from, describe the data, provide any necessary summary statistics. Briefly describe the data and what is being examined, where/how did you get the data (include a link to the data), and provide 2 to 3 paragraphs explaining your interpretation of the data and a conclusion. There is not an APA requirement for this assignment. All margins should be 1 inch. Line spacing should be 1.5. Font should be 12-point Arial. Indent new paragraphs an additional 1/2 inch.

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