you will create a visual argument about your identity. Using


  1.  you will create a visual argument about your identity. Using a medium or technology of your choice, you will need to do the following:  
    • Create an artifact that visualizes or explains some aspect of your identity. Make sure to focus on your identity or personality traits. Some ideas include:
    • Creating a professional poster using PowerPoint
    • Creating a slide show presentation
    • Creating a digital picture collage
    • In a 2 page, discuss the following:  
    • What is the identity trait or category you are depicting? How would you define it?
    • Why did you choose this trait? Is it a defining part of your identity, or rather an element of your identity by which you would rather not be characterized?
    • How does this identity trait/category impact your life? Is there a defining event or moment which characterizes this?
    • How do other people perceive or understand this element of your identity?
    • What is it that you want people to learn about you?

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